Empathic Tough Love was necessary.

You are currently sitting on your bed trying and attempting to write a letter to yourself to motivate you on your journey to what kind of life you want. Here is the thing: You are currently working part-time, attending community college for a certificate that can provide for you financially…

In response to the #MWC Work Writing Challenge and to the, “I don’t have a dream job” YouTube videos.

What work means to me

All my life, work meant having a job that pays you money for a certain number of hours worked; something that paid you to be away from your family and fighting for something bigger than yourself. This is what I thought when my father was in the Army. …

An old essay was written by a very angry and selfish young adult.

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Describe a financial mistake or stumble you have had. This question stumbled upon me when the family conflict on my well-being caused separation and unwanted words said. Taking a trip down a memory time-capsule of old writing.

It was my senior year at Madonna University in 2018, but before I…

How Ben LeFort’s 30 Money Challenge provided a new perspective on Personal Finance

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In everybody’s personal journey, whether it’s financial-related or emotional, there will be questions that we ask ourselves, and whether we can answer them leads to internet searches or scrolling through social media to search for answers about ourselves.

For example, there is a YouTuber named Aileen Xu, who created Lavendaire

How childhood history and views affected the way we see money

Recently, I have completed an online course just for fun. In the end, it was the most beneficial online learning class that I have taken so far. It’s called Edx: Faith and Finance. According to the description, the purpose of the class is to……

“Learn about the complex relationships between…

Haley C. Cason

Part-time Writer and Artist. Write about sparks my anger through personal essays.

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